Mariell Jordán

Writer, Triple Best Seller in Amazon.

She was born into a family of broadcasters, so her passion for communicating began at an early age. She graduated in Social Communication, Announcer and Producer, standing out in the creation of audiovisual content for both, public and private institutions. She was a scriptwriter and moderator of her own program in her homeland Coro, Falcón, Venezuela.

Passionate about the world of personal growth, beauty and well-being, she studied these areas that, after migrating to the United States, helped her continue the reinvention process, becoming a Master Life Coach and leader of the @sumandomasvida community.

Convinced that changes begin from the inside out, with her experience of more than 20 years in the area of communication, she assumed the purpose of being a formator of souls that educates, guides and inspires, by dictating workshops, courses and conferences, that have helped women and men to achieve their goals.
A woman who integrated her knowledge with the vision of unifying the tools learned through coaching, neurolinguistic programming and cosmetics, in a comprehensive wellness center at the service of balance between body, spirit, mind and environment.

Through personalized sessions, she accompanies people to overcome the habit of procrastination, focusing on the recognition of internal and external saboteurs, showing them the way to create a realistic action plan that allows them to make peace with the organization, planning, internal dialogue and effective time management, with routines that aim to not leave until tomorrow everything that can begin to live from today.

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Mariell has to offer you

Teaching program “Organiza y Comunica tu Propósito sin más Saboteo”


1 a 1 Coaching Sessions

Workshops and courses

Radio program “Vidas que suman” by CBBA

My Book

No más el lunes comienzo, una guía de organización para decirle adiós a la procrastinación

How many times did you say to yourself you would do something, only to find yourself abandoning your goal early? “On Monday I start the diet”, “five more minutes and I wake up”, “I’ll finish tomorrow”, “as soon as I finish watching the series, I will start doing it”, “I’m going to rest and tomorrow I’ll continue, I still have time” … at some point we have all been the voice behind these phrases, until the price of postponing goals becomes an unpayable bill that hurts our confidence and self-esteem.

Behind that behavior there is much more than you imagine. As Mariell explains, when fulfilling what you propose becomes uphill, it is necessary to stop and go to the root, detect what is the ego trap that keeps you prisoner and discover what role you assume in the face of life that it makes you stand still, leaving everything for a tomorrow that never comes.

No más el lunes comienzo! is more than a practical guide to organizing and planning. It is a process of self-knowledge in which you will discover how to transcend the habit of procrastination, breaking down the beliefs that limit you, to live a life in balance and conquer the daily activities that allow you to make peace with your schedule. Time for a more satisfying life Starts today!

“No más el lunes comienzo! is an invitation not to leave until tomorrow everything that you can start to live from today and get moving once and for all ”.

Mariell Jordán

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